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what's old is what's new. what's vintage is what's cool. what parents tell you now is what they experienced. what parents teach you is what timeless. because you will tell their story someday, to your child. and the same pattern will start to play again..

you may want to look away; you always can turn your ears deaf to their scolds; you might hate them for reasons..

 but your heart will always realize that they love you. and your deepest mind will miss the way they complain how you behave when they're not by your side anymore..then every memories passed with love&hatred seems like dreams..and you always wanna be living in your past, even you definitely know the reality. but the truth, hurts.
Mango top; Yellow Line hotpants; unbranded stockings; boots from hongkong; LV sling bag; mom's random accessories
via dirtylittlesecrets(Audrey's)

anyway thanks so much for makeupandbeauty[dot]com that has added me on their featuring directory! Feel free to contact me on ;)

for Moslems, I wish you all the best on your fasting :)



"When you can live forever, what do you life for?" - Twilight Saga, by Stephanie Meyer
Quotes above is taken from may be the hottest movie quote nowadays.. But to think more about it, it's quite hard to answer. Some feel too afraid of death, and some commite suicide. Kinda weird and..complicated.

I know, there's no healthy person who wants to die. It's also nice to know you still hv too much time to get more and learn more, but on the flip side.. To only stand there, watching the years passed like yesterday, people you love come and go.. I don't know if it'd be that worth it. I guess I'd be slowly insane, cos even earth has its end of time.. and realizing Im the only one left to face the doomsday, with nobody's around? May I say immortality is meaningless, pointless and futile by every single day you live in that way?

So if I could choose.. of course I want to live as long as I can, with my big family stay with me, giving me love and care.. Maybe that's enough for me. And till the last second I hv to close my eyes, I still hv them, and no regret comes when my soul leaves my body.. for ever. :)
PS cant wait for Eclipse!