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If you had 4 things to describe yourself...
Creative, amiable, good-listener, geek.

Your nationality?
My mom's big fam is originally Chinese and my daddy is somewhat Arabian..or Pakistanese..lol people just don't have any idea to describe mine either.

Favorite color?
Should be black, white, gray, neutrals, and any pastel colors! Deep red never goes wrong as well.


How long have you been blogging?
This blog was officially published on 7th May 2010, which is the day of my junior higg graduation and my daddy's birthday. Kinda easy to remember since I'm such a senile girl :p

What does 'Barbie Junk' stands for?
Got inspired by most girls around me.. They always say they're not famous enough, not pretty enough, not talented enough and everything relates to perfect features. But IMO, all the goods are still burried in their own body..that's what I call the junk. And when they hv realize they have it, they will turn into better people..Just like barbie, loved by others ;)

How could you arrange every word so beautifully?
Thank you! I'm happy you like it. Basicly, I just use my mood to inspire me and then start to imagine, and explore deeply about what am I really feeling that moment. It's not easy to pour them into words since amongst those mega million words, there might be only one to three words that suit my taste in writing. I also got inspired with some blogs I love, such as fashion atelier,and so velvet cigarette.


Your opinion about makeup?
A form of art for sure! Also, it's a fun way to use your face as a free canvas, then you are your own master piece! Please note that it's used to enhance your natural beauty.. Not to put a pile of stuff on your face such as mask. Because every girl is beautiful, in their own way!

Do you use makeup daily?
Obviously no cos its strictly forbidden for students like me yet I'm investing more for natural skin!

If you could choose 3 kind of makeup, what would they be?
1 Concealer ; Im the daughter of king panda!
2 Chapstick (is this considered as makeup?)
3 Eyeliners! I stick to brown, black, and white (or peach)


Your hairtype?
Too thick. Trust me, sometimes I want to rip them off -___- And something like dark mahogany under the sun. Naturally straight.

Weight and height?
About 49-51 kgs in average. Can't be skinny like others due to the genetic rules. 5'1" feet. Don't believe pictures! I think I've been mastering the proportion cheating lol

Skin complexion?
Fair medium with yellow undertone, easily turns into red, super bad dark circles, oily around nose and cheeks.


How do you describe your style?
I just love monochromatic pieces with simple cutting and fit me well.

Your favorite pieces?
Definitely get stapled with casual blazer, light weight fabric, high waisted shorts (not too high either), and pumps. Never feel confident enough to wear pants! I'm tad short :s

What things dominate your closet?
I hv tons of neutral-colored outfits! My mom always pushes me to choose other fun colors, ouch.